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Perfect Party Organising with Perfect PamperHaving been in the pamper party planning business for many years we know how difficult it is to party plan for large groups. In most cases the stress is minimal, if at all, as the organiser rules the task with a rod of iron, but sometimes the larger the group the more likely the hassle might be for the organiser.  We’ve had calls from stressed organisers that are having problems with other guests in the group,  subsequently delaying final booking number and payment. On some occasions there’s been changes of venue and pamper packages because of guest numbers decreasing and the entire booking has to be altered. We have been booked on the wrong day due to the organiser not checking confirmation paperwork and signing off  the wrong day for the pamper party.  We have had parties cancelled because of arguments due to conflicts regarding arrangements.  However, on the impeccable organising side some group organisers produce fully detailed itineraries including cost, payment details, what to bring, room numbers for each of the girls, event start times, bathroom times for mornings, menus from the caterer, so on and so forth.  Attention to detail is incredible.

To help you with your party organising here’s our tips on making life easy for the D.I.Y party organiser.

  • The plan: decide on a location, date, short-break duration, activities and services.
  • Where: Have consideration for the location of guests before deciding on the location for the event.  The ideal drive time for a two to three-night short-break is between one to two hours 30 minutes.
  • Guests: Request a guest list from the VIP.  If the guests have social media accounts e.g. Facebook, What’s App set up a group page.  Or, an events page.
  • Invitation: Select at least three dates for consideration to be emailed or messaged with the proposed location, activities of the event to those on the invitation list. The choice of date will be based on the preferred majority date.
  • How many: Before you start looking for venues and services it is advisable to be sure of definite guest number.  Having an approximate number isn’t going to help with the type of venue required.  If you start looking for venues and activities based-upon provisional guest number you might find that you have wasted many man hours unnecessarily searching for the wrong type venue and obtained incorrect quotes from service providers because your guest list is less or more than you anticipated.  Give guests a deadline to RSVP and stick to it. Also, bear in mind that a delayed RSVP from guests might lead to you spending more time trying to find late availability.  Especially when it comes to large group accommodation, as these properties are the first to get booked.
  • Budget: Set an initial per person budget for the combined package of venue, activities such as a pamper party and additional services such as catering and ensure that the group is compliant.
  • Start: You now have your plan information. Venue finding in the required location for the exact number of guests will be easy.  Either use an accommodation agency or Google search large group self-catering holiday accommodation.  Most good websites will have check availability facilities and then give you a cost.  The same goes with activities and service providers.
  • The package: You’ve found the venue in the required area , the activity and service providers are available, and you are within the per person budget. You are now ready to book your event.
  • Booking and payment: As you have managed to find the required package you need to secure this.  Most accommodation and service providers require a deposit to secure the date.  Accommodation agency providers like AirBNB need to be paid in full, so there are different booking and payment terms to adhere to. As the organiser you will be responsible for making the bookings and agreeing to those services business terms.  BIG TIP: We would suggest not to turn from party organiser in to party debt collector because of late payers.  Get the full amount from each guest in advance at the initial booking stage.  This gives you hassle free total control of keeping to the required payment booking terms.  Also, ensure that guests know that booking terms and conditions apply regarding payment and cancellation.  All accommodation and service providers do not refund money unless stated in their terms and conditions. 
  • Money storage: Open up a joint party bank account if you don’t want to have sole responsibility for the money being in your personal account.
  • Check:  And double check that all documentation supplied from services has the correct date, times, package and venue.
    Important venue information: Example:  There are two venues called The Mill, Northfield Road in Norfolk.  One is on the coast in North Norfolk , the other located in Broadland area of Norfolk.  This venue booking error recently happened to us. Our Spa By Car service went 30 miles out of the way to the wrong postcode.  If you do Google an address, copy and paste, ensure that you have the correct property in the correct postcode area. 
  • Mission accomplished.
  • Next step, if you so desire: For those party organisers that like the thought of being event planners, here’s a helpful example PDF itinerary to DOWNLOAD HERE.

If you would like us to help you with organising your accommodation, activities and your hen pamper party please contact us.

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