National Relaxation Day 15th August

National Relaxation Day promotes stress relief through meditation and relaxation to find your Happy Place. We live in a fast-moving, stress making world. We are all on that hamster wheel of life. We are pulled in multiple directions tension between inner and outer self, and we do not always align with our happy place.  Becoming…

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The Fine City Norwich, my home and business base, is a city filled with historic streets, heritage sites, independent businesses and an ancient and is lively and historically multi-cultured. The History Everyone has heard of Boudicca, the Queen of the Iceni, her fight against the Romans in 60AD that covered the area from South Norfolk…

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Perfect Esther

As a member of Visit The Broads I have the opportunity to have meetings at different member’s venues.  A recent meeting was held at Redwings Horse Sanctuary at Caldecott Hall near great Yarmouth in Norfolk.  While discussing Broads business stuff we had the opportunity to listen to the  Redwings folk and the fantastic work they…

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Reflexology Rebalance

Reflexology Perfect Pamper

Reflexology helps the body rebalance its system.  It’s a treatment tailored to your own needs affecting your well-being.  It has known to help with tension, mood, sleep, healing and overall positive improvement of physical and non-physical elements. Reflexology theory is that organs and bodily systems are reflected in external parts of the body, such as…

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Come Dance With Us

Dance lessons with Marwa

I would think that most of us have watched Strictly Come Dancing on the box and many of us have probably thought I’d love to learn to that.  Well, why no add a dance session to your event and come dance with us? We provide you and your group with the opportunity to learn ‘how…

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Murder Mystery Evening

If you’re a small group of 14 or a large group of 80 our professional team will ensure that your event is a right old murdering success with two hours of murder mystery fun. Whether the mystery is for a birthday party, a large hen party or just something to fill your evening with friends…

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