Oak Barn, Norfolk

Oak Barn, Metton Norfolk with Perfect Pamper

Oak Barn is located in Metton a small village in Norfolk close to the seaside resort of Cromer 10 minutes and the sandy beach of Mundesley.  The historic National Trust house of Felbrigg Hall and Gardens is close by. The property sleeps four to six, ideal for families and small hen parties.  Oak Barn is…

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Collagen Sleep Mask

After three years on dialysis three times a week, I had my kidney transplant on 10th April this year.   A big thank you to the donor and her family.  A ‘Thank You’ card and letter should be with you soon. Since getting my life back I have been concentrating on my skin care routine as …

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National Relaxation Day 15th August

National Relaxation Day promotes stress relief through meditation and relaxation to find your Happy Place. We live in a fast-moving, stress making world. We are all on that hamster wheel of life. We are pulled in multiple directions tension between inner and outer self, and we do not always align with our happy place.  Becoming…

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The Fine City Norwich, my home and business base, is a city filled with historic streets, heritage sites, independent businesses and an ancient and is lively and historically multi-cultured. The History Everyone has heard of Boudicca, the Queen of the Iceni, her fight against the Romans in 60AD that covered the area from South Norfolk…

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Yoga Retreat Near Me


Have you ever considered a Yoga retreat? Do you know what one is?  In this article, we tell you about our Yoga Retreats and why you should consider finding out about our next Yoga retreat near you! What is a yoga retreat? A Yoga retreat usually describes a specific location dedicated to yoga well-being. The…

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Belly Dancing

Add exotic fun to your event with our two-hour belly dancing session.  Learn a fully choreographed dance routine with a professional belly dancing instructor. The origins of belly dancing is in the Middle East as social dancing passed down from mother to daughter.  The earliest forms of belly dancing were the Egyptian ghawazi dance and…

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