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Hey, did you know that skin is the largest organ of the body?  It protects all other major organs from viruses, toxins, bacteria, sunlight, and without this extraordinary organ we would be unable to feel sensation.  It weighs approximately 4.5kg and covers in excess of two square metres.  Armed with this information we might want to protect this vital piece of equipment with regular body exfoliating scrubs and moisturising.

Over the winter months out faces take the brunt of the harsh weather conditions and will need the most TLC.  There are some really good re-hydrating facial moisturising face packs out there, but if you want an organic home-made remedy for a quick fix here’s a few that you can whip together from the contents of the cupboard or fridge.

The Honey Boost
A bit sticky, but it leaves you face and neck feeling hydrated and silky.
Two tablespoons of organic (or good quality honey) and two egg yolks.  Mix together well, apply to face and neck and leave for fifteen minutes.  Wash off with cold water

The Olive Hydrater
Fantastic mix; leaving your face hydrated and glowing.  Olive oil has been used as a cleanser and moisturiser by mediterranean women for centuries.
Mix two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and two egg yolks.  Apply to the face and neck and leave for twenty minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

The Fruit Energiser
Your face will look all plumped-up with all the nutrients and vitamin E from these fruit preparations.
Pureed fruits, such as banana, peach, papaya or avocado mixed with a smidge of extra virgin olive oil can be applied to the skin for twenty minutes before being rinsed off with lukewarm water.

If you’re not into making your own recipe and prefer to reach for a product off the shelf how about trying a product from the Neal’s Yard Remedies organic skin care range?

I can recommend the versatility of the award winning Wild Rose Beauty Balm, a one-stop skin care routine in a pot.   The consistency is a rich yellow balm with a glorious smell.  Ingredients include:  high levels of wild rosehip oil, an antioxidant for skin repair and firming, and a combination of geranium, starflower, hemp and rosemary seed oil.  As a facial, it’s a cleanse, exfoliate, mask and moisturiser and if your hair is a bit on the dry side and needs a good hair repair mask it’s ideal for this too.   If you like travelling light then this product is a must to pack.

Instructions on a DIY mini facial using Wild Rose Beauty Balm – If you use the balm for a facial, then first cleanse and exfoliate the skin by rubbing the Balm well into the skin – wipe off with the muslin cloth provided with the product.  Apply another application of the balm to the face and neck and apply a warmed moistened muslin cloth and relax with the balm mask for about 30 minutes.  Remove the mask with the cloth.  Your skin feels fantastic and rehydrated.  And, no need to apply further moisturisers.

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