Perfect Pamper The pursuit of natural beauty is increasing in demand by consumers considering change to embrace organic and eco-friendly in their beauty routines.

The pursuit of more natural beauty products have increased due to many contributing factors, such as skin allergies, respiratory problems and even food ingredient intolerance to gluton, corn and dairy.  Chemically untainted organically pure, or with a high percentage of organic ingredients to apply to your skin can only be beneficial if you are considering changing your beauty routine. A holistic approach to looking good and feeling great is very much on trend with the increase in requirement for wellness through diet, exercise and therapies.   Consumers are looking for all-inclusive results for immunity boosting, fitness and relaxation.  So food, fitness and beauty industries are changing their strategies as consumers are critical of what they are putting in and on their bodies.

I wrote a blog a while back when I introduced Neals’ Yard Remedies organic skincare products to my business as I wanted to offer more natural, sustainable living, animal friendly and organic products in  treatments  to my clients.

I see trending in organic beauty routines changing all the time and at the moment products such as seaweed based nutrients and emulsions which are excellent for skin hydrating and hair growth are popular, as well as Jojoba oil because of its anti-inflammatory properties.  The pomegranate is delicious in dishes and when juiced as it’s full of antioxidants and is widely available and heavily promoted.  Green tea is up there in the top 10 in anti-ageing as it reduces free radicals known to be part of the ageing process.  In fact, if we research every known edible or non-edible plant there will be one or more properties flagged that are beneficial to our well-being.

In a May 2016 edition of the Telegraph it reported that there’s been a massive 360% increase in people becoming vegans over the past 10 years.  It stated, “ Some 542,000 people aged 15 or over – more than one per cent of the population – have adopted a plant-based diet, up from 150,000 in 2006. According to the Vegan Society, the survey proves that veganism is now one of Britain’s “fastest growing lifestyle movements”.  You can see the increase of demand by the introduction of vegan foods being available in larger main-stream supermarkets.

Global statics show that we are becoming conscious of our surroundings ecologically,  as well as being concerned about chemical ingredients in foods,  in skincare products and the unease about animal welfare.  Subsequently we are incorporating a more holistic approach to our lifestyles. By the end  2015 Europe saw a 40% increase in eco-friendly changes and industry is constantly changing to accommodate our demands.

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