Perfect Pamper likes organic because we believe that you should feel confident that our products are natural and less synthetic, that’s why we buy Neal’s Yard Remedies organic skincare products.

We use a range of cleansers, toners, anti-ageing serums, moisturisers from the NYR range that have the highest percentage organic ingredients that have won awards from leading magazines.

Perfect Pamper provides  a relaxing and refreshing organic mini facial within our Chill-Out pamper packages that are on offer.  We also offer a one-hour’s luxury Neal’s Yard organic facial as part of our salon and mobile treatments and our small group offers.

If you’d like a few friends round for an evening and would like to know more about Neal’s Yard’s organic range, book a FREE facial workshop.  The workshop will show you and your group how to a professional facial and what NYR products will be good for you, then you have the opportunity to practice on each other.  If you host the party  will get a lovely skincare gift.  Just contact us to set a date.

If you don’t want a workshop get together you can buy Neal’s Yard Remedies products from us by contacting us directly  or order directly online from our online store – just click on the logo opposite and you will link directly to the Perfect Pamper Neal’s Yard Remedies shop.

There seems to be an increasing number of people who are allergic to a variety of things. We are all familiar with some people being allergic to peanuts, but other types of nut are also potentially a problem for some.  Whilst most people who are allergic will only react to nuts when ingested, we are getting an increasing number of enquiries about which of our cosmetic products contain nuts. Neal’s Yard Remedies uses almond oil and apricot kernel oil in many products. In rare cases a skin reaction may occur in people who use them.  The same applies to macadamia nut oil, sesame seed oil and hazelnut oil that we use in just a few of our products. For those who are concerned we recommend that they carry out a patch test prior to use. We do not use peanut oil in any of our products. We have not listed products which contain coconut, grapeseed and rosehip seed oils and sheanut butter because we have not come across any reports of any allergic reactions to these ingredients. Two of our products which are derived from neither nuts or seeds are jojoba oil and avocado oil. We use brazil oil in Jasmine Body Cream, there is some debate whether the brazil is a nut or a fruit.

Describes the technique of applying a small amount of a product – usually for some hours or overnight – to a sensitive part of the skin. For instance, a substance can be applied behind the ear or inner elbow prior to full use, to see if any allergic reaction occurs. Apply a small amount of the product to the skin, cover with a sticking plaster, and leave in place overnight. Should any unusual reaction occur, such as itching or redness, bathe the affected area with a weak bicarbonate of soda solution and apply something soothing such as Calendula & Oat Lotion or Calendula Macerated Oil.

If you think have or think you have a nut or seed allergy please ensure that you make an appointment for an allergy patch test.

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