Face draing Perfect PamperCreative, Caroline from Mystery Hare writes about her love of drawing faces.  We’ve added this activity to our list of Things To Do.  We think it would be a great idea to draw the  hen, birthday girl/boy etc for a fantastic party keep sake.   To book a Face Drawing Workshop contact us.

 “I’ve always loved drawing people, and in particular faces, ever since I was a child. I remember studying the different features on the face and drawing each one over and over again until I felt like I got it right. There’s a real sense of pride and satisfaction with drawing a face and achieving a good likeness. Apart from drawing since I was little, I attended art college and have a degree in Graphic Design. If you visit No.33 cafe in the city you’ll see one of my pictures hanging downstairs and I also sell my illustrated stationery on my etsy store online.

What you’ll come away with: you’ll learn how to break the face down into shapes to help gain accuracy in your drawing. You’ll have a better understanding on the fundamentals of laying out the basic face shape and features and we’ll also cover shading so that you can have a complete drawing of a face by the end of the lesson. We’ll work in pencil and draw mainly using lines but I will also show you some shading exercises to make your drawing more 3D.

Drawing is a mindfulness exercise, it takes a lot of concentration to get it to a place that you’re happy with which means you don’t have to space to think about all your other worries and you’ll also have something to show for it in the end.”

Caroline – Mystery Hare.

What’s included in the two-hour workshop: You’ll receive Caroline’s creative tuition, an artist pack that consists of a large sketch pad (A3), variety pack of pencils, eraser and sharpener for you to take away with you. You’ll also get a small work book summarising what you’ve learnt about drawing a face and some shading exercises so you can practice at home.

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