Allow yourself peace, tranquillity to unwind, re-balance and de-stress with Perfect Pamper's relaxation retreat and workshop packages.

Switch off and recharge your batteries and re-balance your body.  Let us calm and pamper you with holistic treatments so you will be refreshed and rejuvenated a well as having fun sharing with others as you learn powerful stress busting techniques to keep you calm.

We can tailor bespoke packages based-upon your requirements.  For example, if you're looking for a more meditation-based break or prefer to supply your own catering we can package this and send you a fully costed quotation.  All we will need is your requirements and group size.

All you have to do is supply us with your requirements, budget and details about your group and we'll supply a fully costed quotation

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Digital Detox

Are you chained to you mobile phone?  Do you  panic when you haven’t got it?  Are you forever checking your phone for messages, work emails and scrolling through social media every five minutes?  Do you feel that your phone is your life?   If you’re brave enough to switch off for a few days and learn…

Relax Refresh Recharge

Relax, Refresh and recharge and experience the journey of no distance in one second. This is the inner journey, the most important journey you may ever make. It’s free, it’s legal and it’s non- fattening! Break away from the mundane and refresh your body and mind and recharge your batteries. With our easy  relaxation tools…

Yoga retreats, Norfolk

Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

A yoga and mindfulness retreat ideal for those who need to recharge their batteries, or for those who wish to start a lifestyle change.  You will  re-energise your body and mind to create your own personal de-stress short break away. Mid-week packages – Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday.  Dates required are subject to…