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Microlight Tuition, Beccles, Suffolk, Norfolk It might make some people shudder but I love the feeling of being out in the open and able to look down on areas of the counties I’m familiar with, as well as seeing parts that you never get to see at ground level.

My Microlight session was booked with Mid Anglia Microlights located five-minutes from Beccles town centre.  The business owner and my flying instructor was Gary Taylor, an ex-forces pilot and an aircraft engineer by profession.  I felt very safe with knowledgeable hands to be taken up to 2,000 feet above Norfolk and Suffolk’s coast and countryside.

The aircraft is known as a weight shift Microlight and it seats two people.  Once suited you’re seated in the back (tandem) and the instructor in the front.    It’s very cosy!  You are connected to your instructor by a headset for communication and safety commands and to give you a birds-eye guided tour of the area you choose to cover.  I chose Southwold direction in Suffolk and returning via from Gorleston in Norfolk.

When the craft starts to move it does feel strange because of the swaying movement which is due to the bar that steers the craft.  When taking off it has all the exhilaration of a passenger jet take off but, with fantastic all-round views to taken-in.  When we are at the correct level, and after I get my tuition on controlling the craft, Gary lets me single-handedly take hold of the triangular control bar for the Microlight to pitch or bank.   It takes getting used to and I’m happy to hand the control back to Gary as a sudden pitch makes me scream like the girl I am.  Sixty minutes later after a wonderful aerial tour we come back to smooth landing at the airfield.

If you decide to take one step further for a Microlight pilots licence the initial 60 minute flight can be used towards the flight hours required.

Microlighting might not suit everyone.   I was very surprised at myself for loving the Microlight experience as I usually get a stomach churning feeling when looking down from any tall building.   Also, as you are up in the air there’s fluctuation and air turbulence and there could be a feeling of nausea due to motion sickness.   I did have a slight no panic feeling once during the flight.  Those who know they have problems with motion sickness should take this into consideration before going ahead with a flight like this.  There is a weight seat restriction of 110 kilos (17.5 stone) too.

If you’ve booked a stay and pampering session with us and would like more information about adding this activity to your stay contact us.

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