Ground coffee body scrub

In my quest for nourishing skin body products for my dry skin I came across a homemade coffee body scrub and it’s fantastic.

I have found pottering around in the kitchen since endless corona virus lockdowns has turned me into a bit of an experimental cook, and I’m now dabbling in homemade skincare products with comestibles I have in my kitchen cupboard. Also as a passionate recycler it’s been a good way of using up old products rather than discard them. I found a recipe for a coffee scrub and as I had packets of half-used ground coffee I got to work on creating this easy to make delicious body scrub.

Adding as many organic ingredients as I had and including a couple of extra ingredients I was pleased with the final product.

Caffeine is a strong antioxidant recognised for its anti-aging benefits. It nourises the skin and also reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It stimulates the blood flow and it’s reported to help with cellulite and eczema. Adding in the benefit of moisturising and anti-bacterial coconut oil, coarseness of the brown sugar for natural dead skin cell exfoliation, the impact of vitamin E oil, a mega hydrating oil, helps dry skin and psoriasis and with the delicate smell of vanilla essence you have something that’s natural amazing skin food, as well as giving off a delicious smelling aroma good enough to eat (of course don’t eat it!).

So here are the ingredients to fill a litre mason jar:-

64 grams of organic ground coffee
32 grams of organic coconut oil
32 grams brown sugar (I used Muscovado sugar)
25mls of organic vitamin E oil
½ tsp of vanilla extract

Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl, combined well and store in a litre capacity mason jar. Approximate shelf-life six months.

The proof of the scrub is in the bathing:- Okay, I suggest that the body scrub is used in the bath as showering didn’t remove all coffee grinds from those certain delicate areas. I was finding little coffee grounds in my underwear on first use.

Using an exfoliating mitt I spoon out enough to cover areas and gently rub. You don’t have to use too much as you’ll end up with water the colour of a Starbucks espresso. The after effect is a lovely feeling of clean and moisturised skin. I found that the smell of coffee lingered in the bed when I woke-up the next morning. If you like coffee you’ll love this.

The scrub is gentle enough to be used as part of your facial cleansing routine.

Also, if your friends like personalised homemade products then ground coffee body scrub is an ideal gift.

If you have any ideas for homemade skincare products let us know and we can publish your idea.