Murder Mystery Evening

If you’re a small group of 14 or a large group of 80 our professional team will ensure that your event is a right old murdering success with two hours of murder mystery fun.

Whether the mystery is for a birthday party, a large hen party or just something to fill your evening with friends and family you are sure of a good time trying to solve the murder!

Our murder mystery event is another great way of filling your weekend party with a fun evening activity.  If you would like your murder mystery to work around of your evening dining we can arrange this too.

The murder mysteries crime scenes are written by real investigators with experience of real-life murders so you’ll not only be entertained but crime-scene educated too.


The crime has already happened and in teams you have your chance to play detectives interviewing suspects, examining crime scenes for clues and analysing evidence.  At the end of the scene each team of detectives will present their conclusion as to who the murderer is, how the murder happened and why it occurred.  When all teams have made their presentation all is revealed.   To add incentives to win why not add in a prize?   Or celebrate with a homemade murder mystery cocktail.

Actors are supplied to set the crime scene and play the part of suspects, but if you want to play the part of a potential suspect all you have to is improvise your character and learn a few facts about the scene.

There will be a Senior Detective at the scene to ensure the crime runs smoothly and will add some extra evidence as and when to help you solve the crime.

Price approximately £35 per person.  Price based on service provider, availability and group size.

If you’d like further information and a quote for you group contact us.

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