Corporate stress

Perfect Pamper offers work place treatment packages that can be used in a staff incentive schemes or as weekly/regular onsite visits.

Did you know that there is  now a reported one in six employees in the UK experiencing anxiety, depression and stress in the workplace?   This is not surprising with the demands of people in business making that work-life balance, well and truly unbalanced.  It is beneficial for business that employers  tackle the problem of poor work performance by employees by looking at ways to minimise the days last to sickness due to stress.

We provide a 30 minute per person onsite chair Indian head massage concentrating on tension areas of head, back, neck and shoulder.  If you have a spare meeting or conference room we can set up our equipment to provide two of more hours therapeutic relaxing treatments to accommodate more employees.

We have teamed up with one of Norfolk’s renowned  mediation and life coaches, Monica Porter to offer our corporate clients specially designed workshops for stress busting and to balance a busy lifestyle.  Monica’s Balanced and Busy workshop deals with those who have a hectic full-on lifestyle to rebalance body.  The Stress Buster workshop tackles the matter of stress in lifestyle to help create a perfect harmony between body, mind and environment.

For further details about our work place treatments and our stress busting workshops.

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