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Dance with Perfect Pamper

I would think that most of us have watched Strictly Come Dancing on the box and many of us have probably thought I’d love to learn to that.  Well, why no add a dance session to your event and come dance with us?

We provide you and your group with the opportunity to learn ‘how to’ with professional dance instructors.

Our professionals love people that know nothing about dance moves even if you have two left feet. Professional dancers Marwa and Jack will guide you through a dance routine either in pairs or solo.  You’ll be given the basic moves to the dance so you can turn up at any Salsa/Bachata bar or party and be able to turn out a dance.

It’s not just about dancing our tutors will ensure that you have an amazing time bonding and enjoying the two-hour session.

You choose what you’d like to book.  We can offer the following dance routines.

  • – Salsa
  • – Bachata
  • – Charleston
  • – Jive/Swing
  • – Slow Rumba
  • – Paso Doble & Tango
  • – Ladies sexy heels (Solo only)
  • – Rise & Shine morning dance workouts (Solo Only)
  • – General dance workouts (Solo only)

If you’d like to have a taster of two dances then we can fit in two in the two hour session it’s your choice.

For seasoned dancers wanting to polish up their performance we can offer sessions for intermediate dancers.

Basically, our professional dance teachers can tailor a package to suit you.

Here’s a few fun facts about dance-

  • Originated in Argentina in the 1890s and now popular in Europe, the Tango is the most sensual dance of modern times.
  • The world record for the longest conga was in Miami 1998. A whooping 119,986 people lined-up.
  • Dance mania or known as the Dancing Plague in Strasbourg 1518 where people danced until they literally dropped, most from exhaustion, a few from heart attacks. This dance trend lasted for just a month.   
  • Modern day tribalism created Breakdancing. First created in the Bronx area of New York City in the 1970s by warring African-American gangs and then became a dance cult in the 1990s.

Prices from £25 per person.  Minimum group size 8 guests. Prices depending on available service provider and the number of guests wanting this activity.  Contact us for a quote.

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