Reflexology Rebalance

Reflexology helps the body rebalance its system.  It’s a treatment tailored to your own needs affecting your well-being.  It has known to help with tension, mood, sleep, healing and overall positive improvement of physical and non-physical elements.

Reflexology theory is that organs and bodily systems are reflected in external parts of the body, such as the hands, ears, face and feet.  Mapping of the feet back in the 1920s produced the first recording of anatomical areas of the mirrored associated reflexology locations.  A knowledgeable reflexologist works on the areas with firm finger pressure to assist the rebalancing of the body.

The ancient skill of reflexology dates back to Egypt, East and South Asia, it was established in the West in the early 1900s by William Fitzgerald, a doctor of medicine who introduced Zone Therapy which was later developed into reflexology by Eunice Ingram who’s belief that strain or tension in the foot was linked to parallel parts of the body.

Reflexology can help calm the body and mind by opening-up the neutral pathways with neuron which provides a relaxing state.

Reflexology helps to clear neuron pathways can help functionality of the nervous system and stimulate brainpower.  It increases blood circulation which means oxygen improvement to vital organs and eliminating toxins from the body.

Regular sessions of reflexology can improve metabolism to create better energy levels.   Regular sessions can relieve on-going problems with headaches and migraines brought about by stress and period pains.

After initial consultation with the therapist, the therapist will apply pressure to the feet and lower legs.  Hands, ears and face maybe focused on depending on the advice of the therapist. Pressure on the area might cause slight discomfort, but the overall treatment is very relaxing.  After effects of reflexology can vary from well-being and total relaxation to feeling tired and emotional, many of these conditions are similar to massage aftereffects.

We have two packages that include reflexology , although as this is a specialist treatment we have limited skilled therapists so we advise our guests to book their session well in advance.

As well as reflexology we can provide Indian foot massage and Swedish foot massage.

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