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Wedding Planning BlogWhat do Wedding Planners actually do?

The simple answer to this question is there are three things a Wedding Planner can save and that’s Money, Time and Stress! But, the benefits and ways a professional Wedding Planner can actually help you are far more complex. For starters knowing where to actually begin with the planning process, knowing the legalities and restrictions involved with not only the ceremony but also with venues. As experienced Wedding Planners we use our experience to help our couples get the best value for money, select the best suppliers for their budget and design wedding days that are as stunning as something you will find on Pinterest but that actually work! By that I mean we will consider every element of your day through to the finest detail to make sure that everything is planned, and contingency planned, that logistics are feasible, that the other suppliers know what they are doing and when.

 Working as a Team.

As a Wedding Planner the service I give and the service my clients receive relies very heavily on the other suppliers I recommend. It is so important that the suppliers I recommend can deliver what my clients need. The only way to achieve that is to spend time researching as much information as I can about the suppliers, working with them (whether that is on other weddings or on styled shoots for example), meeting with them and getting to know the way their business works and what they are like as people. The key to a successful wedding day is having a TEAM of other wedding pros who work together with me to produce an amazing day for my couple.

 On the Day.

Planning and experience are all very well and good but on the actual day itself my approach is very much hands on! I do mean this literally! I have been known to have to unblock a portable toilet! Help clear plates and serve food when the catering team had a problem, reset electrics to keep fridges running on the hottest day of the year! Topping generators up with fuel, making sure musicians are fed and watered, calling taxis, moving furniture …..you get the idea! It is not all about keeping track of timings, adding finishing touches and standing with a clipboard! I get the most satisfaction when a problem occurs and I manage to solve it without my clients knowing and it spoiling their wedding day, after all that is why they have employed my professional help – to allow them to relax and enjoy their once-in-a-lifetime day!

After a Wedding.

My job doesn’t end when the dancing starts! Quite often my service is still required by the bride and groom for several weeks after their wedding. In some cases there are final details that need finishing off such as collecting in returnable deposits, checking the final photography edits and sending personal thank you’s to all the suppliers I have worked with to make my client’s wedding day dreams a reality.

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