Belly Dancing

Add exotic fun to your event with our two-hour belly dancing session.  Learn a fully choreographed dance routine with a professional belly dancing instructor.

The origins of belly dancing is in the Middle East as social dancing passed down from mother to daughter.  The earliest forms of belly dancing were the Egyptian ghawazi dance and the Arabic dance in the 20th century, rags sharqi.  The interest in the dance in the West was in the 20th century when the Victorians loved all things oriental.  The captivating melodies of Middle Eastern music as well and the graceful moves create an amazing dance experience.

The movements of the dance are centred around the torso and the hips and are fantastic for core muscle strength.  Elegant movement of the hips, hands and arms give a low impact exercise.

Dress the part for more drama or dress comfortably for this two-hour session.  The activity can be booked on site or offsite depending on the location and terms of the service provider.

The cost will be in the range of £30 per person depending on service provider rates.

If you’d like more other ideas for activities to add to your break hop on to our party ideas  If you’re organising a hen party there’s further information about other services.

You can contact us by completing the form with your location (venue), group size and required date.  We will check availability and give you an exact cost for the booking.

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