Archery Experience

For those wanting more of an outdoor experience why not bring out the Robin Hood in you with a couple of hours of archery?  It’s fun and it’ll challenge you to hit the bullseye!

Archery dates back centuries. Its name derives from the Latin work arcus which means bow. The bow is part of the English heritage with many battles won with bow and arrow by experienced bowyers. Every county of England had to ensure its quota of bows and arrows and to ensure that bows were of one standard so the Guild of Bowyers and Fletchers was establish in the 14th century and the bows only made by men who had been trained properly. While bowyers and fletchers were men it is said that many of the stringers were women.  Apprenticeship started at the age of 14.

Nowadays archery is a Olympic sport and the oldest medal winner was 68 year old Samuel Duvall representing the USA and the youngest at 14 was Denise Parker.

If you’re staying at a holiday let with a large outdoor area we can organise an archery experience with a professionally skilled bowman to tutor you in the skills of archery.  If you have limited for outdoor space we can book you with the nearest off-site location.

Cost per person approximately £30 depending on service provider and location.

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You can contact us by completing the form with your location (venue), group size and required date.  We will check availability and give you an exact cost for the booking.

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