The proposed date for salons and business to commence is 4th July.  This is date has not been permanently fixed. With the two metre rule applicable as part of the Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control under the government guidelines it is still uncertain as to the treatments beauty therapists can undertake.  We have put together our Covid-19 PPE guidelines for therapists and clients.

Therapists will do a risk assessment for all the treatments offered to determine what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) you could use for effective Covid-19 infection Prevention and Control.  Information about how to carry out risk assessments from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website at

The two metre rule will be the decider for the beauty industry and the government will have to make the policy on how we can work within this rule.  Plus, maximum group size might be another factor advised by the government.  Government information is changing weekly, so changes to social distancing could be reduced.

Here’s PPE recommendations’ for therapist and client on stand-by for business to resume.

HAND WASHING – Therapists will provide anti-bacterial hand wash and direct the client to the 20 second plus hand wash rule.

HAND SANITISER – Anti-bacterial hand sanitiser will be provided for the client to use after hand washing.


TWO METRE WORKSTATION DISTANCING – For groups bookings massage couches, nail and pedicure stations will be set-up at a two metre distance if in one room, or each therapist will need to have an independent space for treatment.  No other guests will be permitted into the work space will treatment takes place.

DISPOSABLE SURGICAL GRADE MASKS – The use of 3 ply (minimum) medical grade disposable masks will be provided for clients.   Therapists will be wearing masks.

DISPOSABLE APRONS  – Therapists will wear and dispose of plastic aprons after each client’s treatment.

DISPOSABLE GLOVES – Therapists will wear gloves for some treatments, such as manicure or pedicure.  These will be disposed of after each client’s treatment.

COUCH ROLL  – Couch roll will be used to cover the entire couch and disposed of after each client’s treatment.  It will be used on some occasions instead of towels.

TOWELS – Will be changed after each client use.

   EQUIPMENT CLEANING – Massage couches, chairs, nail tables, pedicure stations will be sanitised between clients.

FACE SHIELDS  – Whereby treatments require close face-to-face (facials, facial massage) contact with a client a face shield might be worn together with a medical grade face mask.

DISPOSABLE MOP CAPS – For clients having couch treatments, such as facials, massage etc a mop cap will be provided for the client.


Ear thermometers might be used, if agreed by the client.   Normal temperature 37 degrees.  Fever (covid-19) temperature 37.8 or greater.   


Clients must refrain from booking with us if they are feeling unwell, have a cold or cough, have a temperature over 37.8,  been in contact with anyone who has signs of a fever, or has been diagnosed with Covid-19.  Our therapists will refuse treatment to anyone who shows signs of ill-health and our cancellation terms and conditions will apply.