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Relax Refresh Recharge

Eemotional wellbeing retreatsRelax, Refresh and recharge and experience the journey of no distance in one second.

This is the inner journey, the most important journey you may ever make. It’s free, it’s legal and it’s non- fattening!
Break away from the mundane and refresh your body and mind and recharge your batteries. With our easy  relaxation tools you can stay refreshed every day, even with a busy lifestyle.

Really relax your body and mind.  Many people don’t really relax at all, just find distractions to avoid looking at the things that make them stressed!  Easy meditation techniques for concentration, visualisation, silence in the mind. Contemplation at this level can bring profound realisations about yourself and your life and create newness and empowerment.  Connect with your inner power . You can experience inner harmony between body, mind and spirit.

Mid-week packages – Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday.  Dates required will be subject to availability.

We offer this three-night stay at a self-catering accommodation in either Norfolk or Suffolk with a two two hour workshops of energy balance for a healthy mind, body and spirit with a professional each day. Relaxing meditations and visulisation to calm the mind and body. 60-minute mindfulness walk and a 60-minute massage treatment of choice (Swedish, Indian head,  Indian foot and facial massage)

You can choose the three-night stay on a half board basis (groups only) you will get three breakfasts and three evening meals included in the price.  Vegetarian/vegan meals cooked by our catering company.  Or, you can provide your own catering.

You can also buy a package without accommodation to add to your own self-catering holiday accommodation of choice.  FROM £99 per person

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