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Digital Detox

Are you chained to you mobile phone?  Do you  panic when you haven’t got it?  Are you forever checking your phone for messages, work emails and scrolling through social media every five minutes?  Do you feel that your phone is your life?   If you’re brave enough to switch off for a few days and learn not to be a slave to your digital master then join us for our digital detox short break.   It’s all about relaxation, meditation, being in tune with your inner self and the natural environment.   The few days away will get to explore honestly your inner self and find your hidden strengths and talents.     Overcome deep subconscious barriers to the flow  of energy needed to live a truly great life by not having to rely on your mobile phone.

Mid-week packages – Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday.  Dates required are subject to availability.

Three-night stay with:-  Two two hour workshop of hour to help you find your life purpose with meditation, 60-minute mindfulness walk, 60-minute massage treatment of choice (Swedish, Indian Head,  Indian Foot and Facial massage) three-night half board.

You can also buy a package without accommodation to add to your own self-catering holiday accommodation of choice.  Or,  we can located a venue for you.  Just contact us for details.

Food: Vegetarian/vegan meals cooked by our catering company.

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